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Located at the heart of the Abbesses, Yonoil is a little yellow shop in the purest tradition of Montmartre. At the back of the store stands a workshop, where Virginie Souquière, an informed and creative antique dealer, restores and gives lustre to the objects that she finds throughout France, driven by her passion. The result is a jumble of objects from 1920 to 1950 : station clocks, celestial or world globes, industrial furnitures, old movie spotlights Cremer, Singer stools, Bienaise chairs, sconces, Jieldé lamps, Gras lamps, or even rarest finds, cast iron street lamps coming from the United States. Visit after visit, we fall under the spell of a real poetic atmosphere and we rediscover strange objects that we previously didn't notice.


They all have the particularity to mix elegance and practicality. Restored by the owner with a silversmith meticulousness, these objects find a new life here, and will bring to your home a very original true sense of interior design. Highlighting the legacy of the fifties is the spirit of this charming den of decoration, which revisits the aesthetic standards, without never giving in to popular reissues. There, you will only find genuine original items, timeless and surprisingly modern at the same time.


YONOIL - Virginie Souquiere - 28 rue Durantin - 75018 PARIS (FRANCE)
Mobile : 33(0)6 10 08 43 66- Email : yonoil@free.fr

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